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Over the years, the industry’s definition of ‘return on investment’ has been oversimplified. Influencer marketing ROI today is not solely defined by short-term sales or vanity metrics. To extrapolate true ROI, brands need to understand these 4 primary ways to define both the short-term and long-term impact of their programs.

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ROI Presentation Template

Be the smartest marketer in the room with our ROI presentation template. From A to B, this template will give you everything you need to prove the payoff of an influencer marketing campaign and get buy-in from your leadership team.

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ROI Measurement Cheat Sheet

Influencer marketing ROI means different things to different brands. But ultimately, it comes down to understanding the #1 objective that’s valuable to your business. In this cheat sheet, we outline 4 common influencer marketing goals and the best ways to measure success.

ROI Quiz

Influencer marketing can boost many different areas of your business, from brand awareness to sales. To measure your return-on-investment accurately, you first need to figure out your goals and priorities. For example, are you looking to create high-quality content at scale or increase brand recognition?

Take this quiz to learn how to track ROI based on your unique goals.

Influencer ROI Quiz | Measuring influencer marketing ROI